Wyoming’s Little League slugger wears work gloves to hit dingers

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The next time someone whines about their equipment as an excuse for sporting failure: Show them this.

Wyoming’s Aidan Jeffress went yard at the Little League World Series on Thursday while wearing simply leather work gloves. They weren’t designed by sports scientists in a lab, or tested by a major leaguer for ultimate comfort and shock absorption — they were made to stop rope burns, or cut hands while removing the oil pan from a ‘57 Chevy pickup.

If we want to talk about natural ability, this kid’s got it. We want to discuss grit, he’s got it. If we want to earmark a kid who is destined to get a sponsorship from Carhartt and Skoal — this kid’s got it too.

We can goof about this a whole bunch but it hits kinda hard for me in a weird way. Growing up we couldn’t afford top-line sporting equipment. I never had the flashiest shoes, or the best pads. My rugby cleats game used from a consignment store and I had to file the studs back into place so they were legal. I am 100 percent on Team Jeffress, his work gloves, and this whole swagger.

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