Rory McIlroy threw a fan’s remote controlled golf ball right into the water

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Rory McIlroy hates robots confirmed. This weekend the golfer was playing at the BMW Championship when a fan drove a remote controlled golf ball onto the green to the laughs of the gallery.

Rory did not find this funny. After swatting at the ball a few times with his putter he finally picked up the ball, cocked back his arm, and hurled it into a nearby water hazard — much to the delight of fans, well some of them. There were plenty of boos as well, with people being annoyed that McIlroy took something innocent and fun, and chose to destroy it.

I can see this both ways. Sure, it’s not good form to interrupt a golfer while they’re trying to play with something as silly as a remote controlled ball — but also, like, maybe chill out a little Rory? It’s not like this was the end of the world.

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