NFL players are dunking on reporters’ knee jerk reactions

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NFL training camp always breeds overreaction, and none as fraught as injury reports. A long layoff before seeing players breeds concern, especially with stars — and honestly, when you’re at camp trying to look for things as the media, it’s not always easy.

Everyone is trying to scoop everyone else. Jump to the head of the line with an observation nobody else has had — and sometimes this leads to hilarious mistakes.

All you can do, or should do, is laugh. The media is just trying to supply fans with as much information as possible, which we all want, and coaches are known to not exactly be forthright with injury news. So a cellphone in the sock is just a hilarious footnote to the day (forgive the pun).

When a player suddenly walks off the field, helmet in hand, it naturally creates anxiety — especially when it’s a star player.

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